Sunday Worship

While Sunday worship services are a delight and are meant for God's people to enjoy, they also provide ample opportunities for Christian service.

Teaching Sunday school, singing in special groups, playing musical instruments, greeting guests, and providing security are some of the many ways you can volunteer at church and be a blessing to those around you.

Children's Ministries

Sunday School - Teaching our young people timeless truth from the Bible. We have classes ranging from toddlers thru adult Sunday School.

Master Clubs - Thursday 6:30 PM. A Bible Club designed to disciple children with the Scriptures.

King's Kids University

Adults' Ministries

A local church provides the servant-minded Christian with many chances to help others as well as ministries to help spread the Gospel.

Collegians for Christ - A campus-based ministry designed to introduce Christ to the students at Millersville University.
Fountain of Use - A meal and ministry designed for those retired but still wanting to be active for the Lord.
Street Preaching - Friday afternoon outreach in downtown Lancaster.
New Movers Visitation - An outreach ministry designed to welcome new neighbors and to put the Gospel in their hands.