"In Him was life; and the life was the light of men." John 1:4

Our Leadership

Gospel Light Baptist Church has called two men, biblically and doctrinally qualified, to serve as its pastoral leadership.

Andy Almanza

New pastor, Andrew Almanza, has significant ministerial experience, including 8 years of service as a professor of New Testament Theology, and Biblical Languages, serving on several, extended missions trips in Zambia, Africa, and Mexico City, Mexico, directing a senior citizen’s ministry, organizing and directing an ESL program, and numerous children’s ministries. He has also started…

Lee Henise

I. CONVERSION I was saved as a youngster at Overlea Baptist Church, Overlea, MD. My third grade Sunday School teacher gave an invitation following her lesson one Sunday and I responded to that invitation. Under the direction of Dr. George Lynch, a good number of people left the Southern Baptist Convention to establish the Perry…