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Couples Retreat



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From: Caleb Bottrell <calebbottrell@gmail.com>
Subject: Couples Retreat

Hello Gentlemen,

As I have let several of you know we are having a Couples Retreat the first weekend in February. This will take place at the Eden Resort in Lancaster.  I would like to extend the opportunity to you and your church family to come and be a part of this weekend with us. Pastor Jerry Ross and his wife will be speaking a total of 5 times on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Please see the attached flyer.  There is 3 levels of participation for you and your church family. I will do my best to explain each please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

  1. Full participation ($215 a Couple)
    1. This includes 5 sessions, prime rib dinner, full buffet breakfast, and night stay at the Eden resort.
    2. This is limited right now we have 25 rooms reserved you will want to reserve your room early. We can add rooms if they are available  but we are not guaranteed any more rooms.
    3. Payment should be made to Hunt Valley Baptist Church then turned in to Anthony Reese the day of retreat.
  2. Meal & Sessions ($75 a Couple)
    1. This includes all the sessions you would like to attend and the Prime rib dinner Friday Night
    2. There is no limit to how many can be involved at this level but we will need to know who is coming by February 4th so we can let restaurant know how many to plan for and set up meeting rooms.
  3. Sessions only ($20 a Couple)
    1. You are welcome to come to one or all the sessions
    2. We do need to know who is planning to come so we have enough seating and prizes etc.

 Session Schedule:

Friday                2:00pm combined with Pastor Ross

                           3:00pm split session Men with Pastor Ross Ladies with Mrs. Ross

                           5:00pm Dinner

                           6:00pm Combined with Pastor Ross

 Saturday           10:00am Combined with Pastor Ross

 We have worked hard to get the cost a low as possible the resort as given us a reduced price on both the room and the prime rib dinner. To further help cover the cost  Hunt Valley Baptist Church is will be covering the some of the expense so we can keep the prices as low as possible. Pastors I wish we could just cover the cost for you and say come enjoy yourself on us. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do that at this time. Last year our church had a couples retreat for the first time and it was amazing. our people have been looking forward to this year ever since. Can I encourage you to come be a part if at all possible. I know it will be a great time that the lord will use to strengthen our family for him.

 Pastor Caleb Bottrell
Hunt Valley Baptist Church
1800 Worthington Heights Pkwy
Hunt Valley MD, 21030


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